Orphanage Homes / Hostels

(Children’s Help in India for Livelihood and Development)

The India Evangelistic Crusade financially supports 9 Orphanage Homes and Hostel wherein a total of 230 are being served.

List of Orphanage Homes and Hostel under India Evangelistic Crusade

  • Sunrise Children’s Home
  • Rainbow Children’s Home
  • Zion Children’s Home
  • Bethany Children’s Home
  • Bethlehem Children’s Home
  • Nazareth Children’s Home
  • Little Flower Children’s Home
  • Takdah Mission School Hostel for Boys
  • Takdah Mission School Hostel for Girls

Background : The children who are the beneficiaries in the children’s home and hostel come from village of the state of Sikkim, Assam, Jharkhand, district of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri. The children of the homes and hostel run by the India Evangelistic Crusade belong to communities and people groups who survive below financial poverty level. Most of their parents / relatives work as coolies in forests and villages, as tea garden labourers and as mere cultivators, earning meager income not enough to feed even one person for a day. The children’s social standing is that, they are fully orphan whose father and mother have both died, and those who are made orphans due to their parents having left each other and are morally misplaced. There are children in the Homes / Hostels who have a mother and no father as the father has died or has left the mother for someone else. There are children whose mother have died during child-birth and are left with their fathers who due to extreme poverty and lack of job are unable to take care of their children.

The children living in the Homes / hostel run by the India Evangelistic Crusade within the list of orphanages / hostels mentioned above are administered the following for their upbringing and welfare

  1. Providing Education – High school, college and thereafter seeking their placement under vocational training course.
  2. Providing food and clothing, bed and hygienic facilities for maintenance of health and bodily sanitation.
  3. Providing full medical care and attention through Government run health centre and hospitals and when necessary through surgeries and long term treatment of serious ailments in non-governmental medical units.
  4. Providing trainings that produce contextual young people through cultural and social activities, such as dance, dramas, sports, singing, participation in local, block, panchayat, district and state level competitions and workshops.
  5. Providing children with Wardens, Helpers, Cooks and Teachers for healthy and social upbringing thereby also aiding the economically deprived elders of the society with a vocation whereby through serving the cause of the children they are able to make a living.