(Help for the Aged and Neglected and Disable)

The India Evangelistic Crusade financially supports approximately 50 poor and neglected senior citizens ands such who are neglected and physically challenged, towards their monthly medical and general upkeep.

Background : Those provided help under the afore-mentioned assistance wing of the India Evangelistic Crusade belong to slums of Kolkata and her surroundings, interior villages and towns and cities of the State of Sikkim, Assam and West Bengal. They belong to communities and people groups who survive on below poverty financial level. Most of their children and family members are struggling labourers earning extremely low income whereby they are left uncared. Their relatives are coolies in forests and villages, tea garden labourers, factory and mill workers and small shop-keepers belonging to largely unemployed sections of the society. Due to these reasons the India Evangelistic Crusade was /is approached by local people and persons in the village councils, through Pastors of Churches, Social workers working in their areas for assistance they need.

Admission : Pastors / Social workers and people of various social standings within and without the framework of the India Evangelistic Crusade, who work very closely with the afore-mentioned groups of people socially and spiritually, are the ones who appeal for the inclusion of the hapless people into the HAND (Help for the Aged and Neglected and Disable) programme. They are included into the system after considering there financial incompetence, social handicaps. The India Evangelistic Crusade therefore conducts spot visits to the homes to verify the genuine needs for such helps that are being given. The poor people living conditions are also brought into consideration as portent features that merit the focus of assistance to them.

Administration : The India Evangelistic Crusade provides a monthly assistance of Rs. 300/- each month to help the beneficiaries’ personal maintenance. Besides this, medial help is granted to them every now and then, as the needs and emergencies may demand.