(Children’s Help in India for Livelihood and Development)

The India Evangelistic Crusade financially supports approximately 300 students wherein they are provided stipend monthly assistance towards their education

Background : The children who are provided education under the assistance wing of the India Evangelistic Crusade namely CHILD (Children’s Help in India for Livelihood and Development) belong to interior village and towns and cities of the State of Sikkim, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and West Bengal. They belong to communities and people who survive below poverty financial level. Most of their parents work as coolies in forests and villages, as Tea garden labourer, factory and mills worker and small shop keepers and belong to mostly unemployed sections of society. The parents of these children are mere cultivators earning meager incomes not enough to feed even one person for a day, leave alone educate their children. Due to lack of substantial strength in providing education by themselves the India Evangelistic Crusade was/is approached by local people and persons in the village councils, through Pastors of Churches working in their areas.

The India Evangelistic Crusade administers the CHILD funds as mentioned

  1. CHILD Education Fund - Under this Fund-Head, children studying from lower nursery right up to Class twelve are being assisted yearly with Rs. 2,700/- to 4,600/- as per the donors desire and feasibility.
  2. CHILD Development Fund - Under this Fund-Head, students who are pursuing higher studies such as degree course in college and vocational trainings, the fund is administered monthly/half- yearly/yearly as the case may be.
  3. CHILD Gift Fund - Under this Fund-Head, all children who are supported financially under the aforementioned (under sub clause a. CHILD Education Fund) are provided an amount of INR 500/- to 1000/- each to enable them to purchase books and stationery for the school year.