Literacy Centres / Day Care Centres / Village Development Projects

The India Evangelistic Crusade financially supports 10 Literacy Centres, Day care centres and Village Development Projects wherein around 600 students are being provided basic primary education, mid day meal or snacks and school books.

List of centres under India Evangelistic Crusade

  • Singbongdera Primary School
  • Kolbhung Primary School
  • Nombung Primary School
  • Nabgaon Primary School
  • Bagdogra Primary School
  • New Glenco Primary School
  • Shivatar Primary School
  • Maneydara Day Care Centre
  • Dubling Day Care Centre
  • Bethany Education Centre ( VDP)

Background : The children who are provided education in the above listed Litercy Centres, Day Care Centres and Village Development Projects belong to interior villages of the State of Sikkim and the Districts of Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri and the State of Assam. They belong to communities and people groups who survive below financial poverty level. Most of their parents work as coolies in forests and villages, as tea garden labourers and as mere cultivators, earning meager income not enough to feed even one person for a day. Due to lack of Govt. run schools in their areas the India Evangelistic Crusade was approached by the local people and persons in the village councils through social workers and Pastors working in their respective areas to run such projects.

The following are administered for the upbringing and welfare of the students.

  1. Providing basic education – through teachers who belong to the villages where the students live.
  2. Providing a mid day meal or snacks as per the provision pertained therein.
  3. Providing trainings that produce contextual students through cultural and social activities, such as dance, dramas, sports, singing, participation in local, block, panchayat, district and state level competitions and workshops.